Friday, 29 January 2010

Warlord Titan (6)

It's been a very long time since I did some work on my Titan. After around 6 months I have finally found time to cut out and glue on the gothic windos that I designed on one of the CAD programes at work. The software is designed for CNC machines and viynal plotter designs but with the right blades for the plotter and some thin plasticard I ave managed to score out the shapes of most of the windows that I wanted for the structure. Then all I had to do was cut them out...carefully.
On this image you can see all of the red coloured gothic arches that I have cut out using the CAD program and the plotter with plasticard. If you look carefully you can also see the hand cut large arched window on the far right hand of the image, this was done by using a Shrine of the Aquila window as a template.

This image shows the main front area of the body with the large arches and imperial symbols, although this doesn't fit properly yet there is still lots of work to do on this area so I'm not worried yet, problems always arise and need to be reacted to in a bespoke fashion on projects like this.

This is about half of the work done on this part of the project. I will hopefully finosh this next wek and move on to other areas like filling rough surfaces and gaps and adding other gothic elements like windowsills and small gargoyles. After that I will finially be on to the long awaited head and arms before i tackle the quite confusing feet. enjoy! 

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Painting the Tervigon

Here is the next stage of the Tervigon Model for my remodled Tyranid swarm so far the work has gone well and I'm now ready to begin to paint the skin on the model and then pick out the birthing chambers on the creatures underside. So far I have sprayed the model skull wite and then inked it with Asurmen Blue. The next stage involves drybrushing the skin layers with progressily lighter layers of Space Wolf grey and Skull White. The idea behind the paint job is to show a cold and frozen landscape and how the Tyranids would blend into this. More on this later. The birthing chambers are going to be painted using layers of blues and purples with light blue added to highlight the colours and add contrast but without adding too many colours to the palette.

here is another image of the Tervigon showing how I have tried to get the scythes to look more like legs than weapons.

Here is a close up of the birthing chambers as they dont stand out too much I will paint them so that thy stand out using the colour scheme.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

From out of the Dark

Here is a sneak peek at my first Tervigon. I made him from one of the spare, and now possibly useless Carnifex that I have lying around in my house. the only additions to the carnifex model are some green stuff and the extras from the battle for Macragge Genestealer sprue.

I have tried to make the model as similar to the image in the codex as possible I even added some extra spines in the form of Devourer cones on his back to make more chimneys. He seems to have gone togther well It must ahev taken me around 3 hours to kit bash him with no planning time at all. Next Stop Tyrannofex!
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