Monday, 15 June 2009

Now were getting somewhere!

This weekend we have finally managed to get the printed elements of the banners sewn on. We started by adding gold braid between the back and yellow areas, be warned if you ever want to do this, it takes a lot of braid. we bought 20 meters and that was just enough!

I think you'll agree this example looks great and we're only half way through. I have decided that the scrolls with the names on will have to be printed in the same way so I will be looking at creating them this week. Meanwhile the poles are well on their way to completion I measuerd them up yesterday, they just need to be put together and stained then we're good to go.

More next week...

Friday, 12 June 2009

What iv'e done this week

Well my Space Marines have got no further as I have been distracted by another task. The image above shows an illustration I started this week, its the first 2D artwork i have done in some time and i'm really enjoying the process. I still have a significant ammout of work to do on it, the image above shows it with just the first layer of paint on it. I still have the highlites and shading to do. I will then scan it into the computer and play around with it on there. The last stage will be to make a background for it seperatly and then marry the two together on the computer.

I am hoping to have it done by September so that I can put it in for the art competition at the UK games day.

As an aside the printed parts of the banners came today I should have an image of the next stage of the GW banner next week. Then I might get some models painted...possibly.

Saturday, 6 June 2009


Well I have finally finished the first of many Space Marine squads. This devastator squad is the test unit for my space marine company, 2nd company of the Crimson Castellans. Although it has taken me over a week and a half to paint them that is only because of other constraints on my time. I have worked out the actual time that I have been working of these and it looks to be around 5 hours overall, not bad for full squad. The tones and contrast of the models really seems to have come out well it gives them a really worn look that I think the 40K universe would have. The speed that these can be painted at has given me hope that I will finish all of the infantry in the force by the end of our school summer holidays, wife and son permitting. I have now started on 3 more squads that I hope to finish by next weekend. Ill post what I have done by then.

As usual if you have any comments on the painting or any advice please post.
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