Sunday, 26 July 2009

Warlord Titan (5)

Well after a highly deserved break with my family it was time to continue with the Titan. It has been a long and laborious process without the workshop space that I have a work but I have completed the plastics including the eagles for the bottom of the legs and the windows for the torso of the model, these came from two shrines of the Aquila and I think the look pretty spiffing. The model still need a large amount of delicate filling to fix issues that were created when cutting up the eagle section for the bottom of the legs but it's going to look cracking when I get it done.
Its now time to think about pistons and mechanical details for the legs and hand crafted stained glass windows for the torso and shoulders I have also ordered the parts from forge world (so I should see them in the next 2 months) I am starting to see the point where I can start thinking about the head and arms. I am struggling to think of the weapon load out that I want in the first instance does anyone have any opinions on the best way to go?

A close up of the legs, you can see where the filling needs to be done.

The left leg.

How the thigh measures up against the bottom og the leg.

A 3/4 of the torso.

A closeup of the front of the torso.

The side of the torso under the shoulder.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

GW Hull banner ready to go!

The Games Day UK banner for Hull will be delivered tomorrow, as long as I can get it into my car! Its all finished and ready to go I have just finished pinning the flag to the banner pole and I have now glued in the finial. I hope thay like it. Only the Hulls Angels banner to do for GD 09 now.
I have to say thanks to my mum who has been a great help on this project helping with all of the technical sewing and fabric based information. Thanks Mum!

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Warlord Titan (4)

After spending a few days thinking about what I really wanted from this model it occured to me that all of the God machines tht I have seen seem to me to be overly technological. Now I understand that thats how the epic models look but if your going to make your own then you might as well make it individual.

As far as I see it these bipeds of destruction would be like walking Cathederals to the Mecahnicum and Emperor, so thats what im going to do. This model will eventually look like a walking temple to the two powers of the Imperial eagle. The images below show how i have got on today most of the plastic sections are now on with only a few more to add tomorrow. I am going to scratch build a series of gothic arch windows to put all over it and I intend to have some fun with two of the chapels of the aquila that come out this weekend.

Top: a general view of the whole model as it looks tonight.

Above: a rear shot of the same.

A close up of the back of the Titan, still quite a lot of work to be done here I plan to add a balcony on the left shoulder.

A closeup of the front of the Titan I intend to use some Forge world products in two areas as well as some scratch built gothic arches.

A closeup of the leg plates, the thing that started this all off for me it just so hapened that the leg plates and the wall sections from the ruins are the same size

Monday, 13 July 2009

GW Hull banner complete!

With the UK Games Day fast aproaching I wanted to get the banner I promised to the manager of Hull GW closer to completion. Its been slow going over the last few weeks on this project with only the finnials made for the banner poles. Finally I got the last of the printed fabric and the tassles for the edge of the banner ready to be assembled. A few broken needles later and what you see above is the result. A complete banner ready to go on the pole, we should complete it tomorrow and I intend to present it to the manager of the store on Thursday of this week. Lets hope they like it!

A close up of the finnial for the banner pole.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Sunday Silliness

Thought you might like this for a giggle. One of my kids liked the Imperial eagle I was making for the Hulls Angels banner that he has decided it makes good manly jewellery. Enter the Imperial Chav! ( for those of you living across the pond, a chav is a person of low social standing and low self esteem with little brain. see devvo on You tube and think Red neck)

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Warlord Titan (3)

So today I began to concentrate on the "wonky" areas of the titan, the bits that maby dont fit together too well. The thing about building models like this is that you have to constantly rethink what you are doing and typically adapt how you are going to make the structure. One of the ways in which I did this was to fill all of the "wonky" areas with household filler and then use a series of tools and sanding equipment to smooth the surface down to an acceptable level. You can see from the images below that it goes on very rough but after some sanding it comes up with quite a clean solid surface to work from.

Would look good as a Nurgle Titan...hmm now there's an idea!

Once I had cretaed a strong surface to work from I decided to see how well the plasticard panels would fit onto my newly strengthened structure. As you can see the panels look really good very sraight and true. They still neede a bit of filling to make them look sharp but luckily the excess came of really easily and left no marks.

Next step is to clad the whole model and start thinking about details. I think i'm going to cast some sections from various models to use over again. Time to start looking though the bits box.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Warlord Titan (2)

Today was a lovely suprise, I got to work to find all of the children I teach today were on a trip. Time to get on with the Titan I hear you call!

Well thats exacty what I did. I have really made some progress today mainly by bulking out the waist, adding more structure to the thighs and putting a sloped series of panels on the upper torso to make it look more like the original model. I have also enlarged the feet and worked out a way to put it torgether so it can be transported in pieces.

The back of the model is coming on nicely with a good ammount of interesting surfices to add detail too. The next job I have is to add filler to all of the areas that I made a little "wonky" this will allow me to have clean surfices after a bit of filling and sanding. I can then add of the top detailed panels using plasticard. This is available from most good hobby stores and comes in a number of thiscknesses, im using 20 microns.

This is a close up of the back of the leg. I have some problems here as I made the model before I really looked at the original so I now have to work out a way to create the gears and mechanical gubbins that is shown on the original.

I am really happy with the front of the legs now. Yesterday they looked a bit skinny and the waist was too thin but just by adding the thigh plates the body looks much more in proportionand I dont feel that I have much more work to do on it.

More Croch for ya!

The feet are much bigger and heavier now I have added the new layer of MDF. This is 12 mm thick and should provide a good solid heavy base for the model so I wont have to create a separate base for it.

I have just pinned the feet in using some wooden dowl I intend to model round it to create a solid attachment for the feet in the long term. I have not decided wheter I am going to make the feet detachable for transport like I have the torso I dont want it to be to rickety so ill probably attach them at a later date.

Here is a close up of the upper torso. Ive still got loads to do but its beginning to look pretty sweet to me. Tomorrow i intend to fill and sand the gaps to make a good layer for the deatiled plasticard panels to go in then im going to have to think about rivets...oh no not rivets!

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Warlord Titan (1)

Well its been a while, almost a month since I last posted. I have however been very busy. I began work on a Warlord Titan in the last month and along with all the other projects that I have ongoing this has kept me pretty busy. But now I bring you the first images of the 28" tall monstrosity. I have based it purely on the image to the left and a little artistic licence. There is still a lot to do and I imagine it will take some time, the last one I tried is still sitting in my garage after 4 years.

As you can see from the images below I am currently blocking out the shape and form of the structure. I will then clad the whole model in plasticard and add details to it like the correct placing of panelling on the epic model. I still have some work to do on te shoulders and the waist as I think that it looks out of proportion to the rest of the model. After I have finished this I will begin to concetrate on the detail.

I have seven weeks off coming up and I am determined to get as much modelling and painting done in that time as possible. This will be my major modelling project and mu Space Marines will be my painting task. Enjoy the images if you have any questions please dont hesitate to comment.

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