Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Painting the Tervigon

Here is the next stage of the Tervigon Model for my remodled Tyranid swarm so far the work has gone well and I'm now ready to begin to paint the skin on the model and then pick out the birthing chambers on the creatures underside. So far I have sprayed the model skull wite and then inked it with Asurmen Blue. The next stage involves drybrushing the skin layers with progressily lighter layers of Space Wolf grey and Skull White. The idea behind the paint job is to show a cold and frozen landscape and how the Tyranids would blend into this. More on this later. The birthing chambers are going to be painted using layers of blues and purples with light blue added to highlight the colours and add contrast but without adding too many colours to the palette.

here is another image of the Tervigon showing how I have tried to get the scythes to look more like legs than weapons.

Here is a close up of the birthing chambers as they dont stand out too much I will paint them so that thy stand out using the colour scheme.


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